Foundation 2025

Foundation 2025
The Montserrat Foundation, 2025 was established on July 4 1997. It is the instrument that puts us in the twenty-first century because the hands generations of today and tomorrow we can continue to have an institution like Montserrat, a desire for people to help maintain and promote the values spiritual and cultural services to a cohesive society, sensitive to the roots and open to the world, and safeguarding creation.It is fair to ask whether the monks of Montserrat do not even have enough resources own to carry out this mission and this group. It When, therefore, to inform our people of the harsh reality from the point of economically, which has raised Montserrat decades. Montserrat gets of catering services and trading – well known by everyone – resources enough to keep, but to renew itself and prepare itself to face future. In 2007, Montserrat was given, according to the Government over 2.2 million visitors, one of the most visited of Catalonia. this huge traffic and the complexity of Montserrat, ask about public subsidies which, however, given the financial situation of government, each arriving time in less quantity and more difficult.


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Mission and finality

The main finality of the Foundation is collaborating with the Abbey of Montserrat to promote and encourage the social, cultural and ecologic values, which are part of the values of the Monastery and the Sanctuary of Montserrat on benefit of the pilgrims and visitors, who go up to Montserrat

This finality is set looking financial assistance for the cultural and social equipments of the Sanctuary.

The Foundation Abadia de Montserrat 2025 has the next purposes:

  • Spread the needs of Montserrat and obtain resources to attend them.
  • Use the funds raised for the purpose for which they were donated.
  • Collaborate, with a part of these funds, in social and aid works to the most vulnerable.

According with its statutes, the Foundation Abadia de Montserrat 2025, over the years, has linked to this project companies institutions and also individual persons. Thanks to it, it has been possible to initiate an important task of rehabilitation and expansion of the architectonic, artistic and social infrastructures of Montserrat as a whole. With the aids it has been also possible to do a social work in national poor and marginalized areas and also in countries with several lacks of social and economic development.

The members of the Foundation have collaborated giving new ideas and encouraging to continue the work for arriving to the 2025 in the best possible conditions. The Foundation’s challenges to face are very important. One of the needs most immediate is to achieve the economic remediation of the Escolania (one of the most ancient and prestigious music schools in Europe working since the 14th century)

Montserrat receives more than two millions visitors per year. It is the second holiday destination more visited in Catalonia, after the city of Barcelona.

This affluence of visitors, associated to the complexity of Montserrat, implies exigencies of attention and service to the visitor.


The Foundation aspires to be a tool for the Abbey of Montserrat for proposing new services and facilities in its areas of activity and also put in value those already operating in order to satisfy the expectations and the needs of their users (pilgrims, tourists, researchers, interested persons) and give them to known to the society.

We desire to be seen as a modern, flexible, and agile institution, which has the aim to be technologically updated and giving value to our collaborator members and to the Abbey of Montserrat.

We work for obtaining the economic and in-kind resources, from whom is interested in what Montserrat represents, in order to cover its needs in its areas of activity and infrastructures.

We do it with vocation of service, trasnperency, coherence, honestity. Having always present the interests and expectatives of the Montserrat’s areas of activities and also those of our present and future members.

We aim to arrive to 2025 having contributed actively to make possible a group of acts for commemorating the millennial of the Abbey, which have placed Montserrat as a center of excellence and with global appeal.

Foundation’s board
  • Father Josep M. Soler i Canals, Abbot of Montserrat
  • Father Sebastià Bardolet i Pujol, Abbot emeritus of Montserrat
  • Father Ignasi M. Fossas i Colet, Prior of Montserrat
  • Father Manel Gasch i Hurios, Administrator of Montserrat
  • Brother Josep Galobart i Soler, Member of the Board
  • Father Sergi d’Assís Gelpí i Abradó, Member of the Board
  • Father Bernat Juliol i Galí, Member of the Board
  • Mr. Raimon Bergós i Civit, Secretary
Foundation’s Staff
  • Mr. Carles Riba i Senserrich, Director
  • Mrs. Marta Milla i Carbonell
  • Mrs. Eva Santamans i Solé
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