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Our lady
The image of Our Lady of Montserrat, popularly known as La Moreneta (the Dark One), due to the dark colour of Her skin, is a truly beautiful 12th-century Romanesque polychrome carving. Pope Leo XIII proclaimed Our Lady of Montserrat Ptron Saint of Catalonia in 1881. In 1947, the image was enthroned in a silver altarpiece, paid for by popular subscription and installed in the upper section of the basilica apse.

Artistically, the image imitates a popular model, that of Our Lady Majesty, with a wholly frontal attitude and Baby Jesus on Her lap in the centre. Both Mother and Child are wearing crowns.

The figure of Our Lady stretches out Her right hand, which holds the globe, symbolising the cosmos. Our Lady nearly rests Her left hand on the Child’s shoulder, indicating that this omnipotent king is Her Son. With His right ahnd, the Child gives a blessing, whilst His left hand holds a pinecone, symbol of fertility and everlasting life.
The Legend
The first text which makes reference to the legend dates from 1239, a fact which demostrates that Montserrat has been a holy place for many many years, due to both the presence of the Image of the Holy Mother of God and the pilgrims coming to worship it.
The legend tells taht in the year 880, on a Saturday nigth when the sun was going down over Montserrat, some boy shepherds saw a bright light coming down from the sky, accompanied by beautiful music. The folllowing Saturday they returned with their parents. And the vision came to them again. On the following four Saturdays the Rector of Olesa went with them. And everyone saw the vision.
The Feast
The feast of the Virgin of Montserrat, Patron Saint of Catalonia, is celebrated on the 27th of April. The Vigil of the feast is also celebrated the previous day.
Since the Enthronement Feasts (1947), the Vigil has been as solemn and as devoutly followed as the Feast Day itself, especially by young people. On the evening of the 26th of April, year, the Sanctuary fills with young people who congregate in order to share a frienly, brotherly atmosphere. The day is filled with music, special readings and the singing of Psalms. The dau culminates of the Vigil Eucharist.
The Feast of the Virgin of Montserrat is celebrated with numerous traditional activities, including “castellers” (human towers), bands, sardanas (the traditional Catalan Dance)… The liturgical ceremonies are specially involving.
Spiritual Visit to Our Lady of Montserrat
The Spiritual Visit to Our Lady of Montserrat was written by the priest Josep Torras i Bages in February 1889 (the next October was named bishop of Vic) at the request of a group of young people, which had founded the Spiritual League of Our Lady of Montserrat.
In 1981, on the occasion of the centenary of the patronage of Our Lady of Montserrat, in the vigil of Saint Mary, was pronounced for the first time a new Spiritual visit that had been asked to the Catalan Pere Casaldàliga, bishop of Saó Félix (Brasil). This prayer, instead of inserting the Ave Maria and Gloria among the different requests, it can be sung with the melody composed by Brother Odiló M. Planàs, the antiphony: “Saint Mary, Virgin and Mother of God, intercede for us near of the Lord, our God”.
Prayers to the Virgin of Montserrat.

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