Frequently Asked Questions about reservations

What days should I make a reservation?

Access by reservation is only for weekends, Saturdays and Sundays and holidays (September 24, October 12 and December 8). On weekdays, from Monday to Friday, it is not necessary to make a reservation.

When you look at the calendar, please check the date:

  • Dia on no cal fer reserva When it is grayed out means, you don’t need to book for this date.
  • Dia sense disponibilitat When there is a red mark, means there are no reservations left for this date.
  • Cal fer reserva When it is black, means you should book for this date and there are available.

Why do I have to make a reservation?

The current situation requires measures to guarantee a safety distance between people. Making your reservation secures you access –avoiding the long queues and crowds– to the Conventual Mass, the Holy Image of the Virgin of Montserrat and the midday prayer with the singing of the Escolania. This way you will not have to wait and you will take full advantage of your stay in Montserrat.

Reservations are served by strict order of request.

If I do not make a reservation, can I access it anyway?

If you do not have a previous reservation, you will have to queue up in order to make a reservation on site for the same day. Note, however, that certain days are busier tan others, so there is a high probability that the maximum capacity is reached and you might not be able to participate in the Conventual Mass or the midday prayer.

Access to the Holy Image of Montserrat’s Virgin is possible without reservation between 7.30am and 10.30am and from 3.00pm to 5.45pm.

Does the reservation have any cost?

No. The reservation has no cost.

How do I make the reservation?

I made a reservation but I’m late. Can I access it anyway?

We strongly recommend you to plan your journey in order to arrive ahead of time. If you arrive later than the time of your reservation, your place may have been assigned to another person and you may need to find another time slot available. In the case of the Conventual Mass and the Midday Prayer, access will not be allowed once the ceremony begins.

We are a group of N people? Should we reserve individually?

No. You can make a single reservation for up to six people. If you are more than six people and you are interested in simultaneous access, we recommend you to make the reservation by phone +34-93.877.77.77 or email, specifying the total number of people.

Once the reservation is complete, what should I do when I get to Montserrat?

If you provided a valid email address you will receive an email with a QR code to be validated when accessing the Basilica or the Holy Image of the Virgin. We advise you to keep it printed or, preferably, saved in your mobile phone in order to speed up access.

If you did not provide an email address you will have to show your location number or just say your full name at the checkpoint

Can I choose a seat?

The reservation is only for access to the Basilica or the Virgin’s throne. You are not allowed to choose a specific seat.

What use will be made of the data I have provided to make the reservation?

We only ask for necessary information to process your reservation. This data will not be used for any other purpose and will be deleted after the reservation date has expired..

I have some other doubt. Where I can ask for further information

You can phone +34-93.877.77.77 or email:

Xavier CaballeBOOKING